Big Data Services

The exponential growth in data is here to stay. Big data is not just a buzzword anymore, but a new reality of the business framework. The volume, velocity and variety of data is changing so rapidly that now uncovering actionable insights from data requires a well-planned Big Data strategy.

A well-executed Big Data program provides the opportunity to reap the benefits from analysis of information streams and a consultative approach assists businesses in:

  • Uncovering hidden opportunities for selling
  • Minimizing Risk
  • Optimizing supply chain management
  • Improving forecasting
  • Tracking key performance indicators

Be Proactive about data your data analytics initiative and opportunities with DATALOGIX  Big data strategy. DATALOGIX  Technologies provides solutions and services geared towards making your data simpler, scalable and easier to analyze to generate more insight.

Big Data strategy – Our data scientist team develops strategies and engineers solutions to decipher data insights that can help you to:

  • Conduct workshops for assessing data management capabilities and challenges
  • Define business cases and articulate business value
  • Provide comprehensive understanding of Big Data and business use cases
  • Conduct technology evaluation and derive Proof of Concept

Big Data on Cloud – We align the right cloud fit for your Big Data requirements for easy access of data anywhere anytime. As part of this solution, we can:

  • Capture streaming data and real-time analytics
  • Elastic Hadoop/Spark clusters and batch analytics
  • Data Lakes to enable storage and retrieval of multi-format / multi-temperature information

Big Data Labs – Designs to minimize risk associated with Big Data projects and maximize time and cost efficiency the DATALOGIX  “Big Data Labs” as a service can facilitate minimal investments faster time to market for your Big Data initiatives.

Big Data analytics and visualization – We offer advanced data science based techniques involving cloud based integrated data and analytics to identify relationships, trends, and patterns to reveal useful business insights. Our services facilitate:

  • Customer 360 view
  • Campaign effectiveness analysis
  • Churn analysis
  • Social network analytics
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Predictive model for cross sell and up sell
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Credit risk management
  • GIS offerings

Our approach:

  • Develop business case jointly
  • Setup infrastructure (On Premise or cloud)
  • Technical evaluation & rapid piloting
  • Go/No Go decision

Get more out than what you think from your Big Data with services from DATALOGIX

Our team of data engineers and scientists has diverse domain expertise and in-depth experience in strategizing and implementing turn-key Big Data solutions. The core team is focused on engineering innovative technologies to solve data-intensive challenges. With DATALOGIX  Big Data solutions you can:

  • Save Time: Technical evaluation and rapid piloting
  • Save Money: Reduce cost on initial investment and maintenance on IT Infrastructure
  • Improve Quality: Leverage robust infrastructure, skilled resources and solution accelerator to improve quality