Welcome to Datalogix Global Solutions

Datalogix Global Solutions as a leading consulting, business solution and systems integration firm delivering solutions that benefit our clients by applying our Knowledge and experience and create a curriculum that fits industry standards with a unique blend of services

 Datalogix Global Solutions provides solutions to various industries including Healthcare, Manufacturing, Insurance, Engineering, Financial services, Banking, Consumer retail, Telecommunications and Aerospace. Our most strong domain is Healthcare.  Datalogix Global Solutions is a professional consulting firm specializing in creative solutions for healthcare clients. Our industry experience and domain knowledge has enabled us to provide innovative solutions to our customers.

Datalogix Global Solutions is a global professional services consulting firm. We help companies capture and master opportunities, created by and associated with change.  Datalogix Global Solutions specializes in delivering business driven technology solutions that help our clients achieve strategic business objectives. We apply internet-based technologies and a Designed For Change methodology to help our clients gain a competitive advantage by growing market share, reducing cost and ultimately building for the future.

We understand that the challenges our customers face today will not be the same six months from now. Our solutions adjust and grow as our clients’ needs adjust and grow. At  Datalogix Global Solutions, we have mastered the ability to listen to our clients and capture their goals, objectives and ideas. We then translate that information into a relevant, expected solution that delivers a greater return on investment.


Our Enterprise Architecture solution is the blueprint for communication and understanding between business and technology. Our team has a unique understanding of both business and technology, leveraging these combined skills to assist clients in making business decisions that have technology implications. Technology Strategy & Roadmap, Center-of-Excellence Transformation, and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) are a few of our offerings.

What We Do


Datalogix’s SOA Integration solution delivers fast, flexible and reliable access to data, applications and information regardless of platform, device, or data formats. Our solution helps to improve visibility with enhanced governance of critical information, services, processes, and events. Employees, customers, partners, and suppliers stay connected by having data, applications and systems integrated and easily accessible throughout the network.


At Datalogix, Program Management is integrated into our projects from beginning to end. We help our clients overcome complex systems integration challenges within an organization and with their external partners and clients. In some cases we do pure IT project management initiatives where we perform assessments and help establish a Project Management Office (PMO) to help drive business and technology programs. Our project management staff have been certified by PMI as professional project managers. Our success stems from our ability to understand the business needs and translate that into the technology requirements as projects are defined, scoped and implemented.


Datalogix’s Managed IT Services are set up to provide the service you need with the right resources to keep your business processes running. If an application is off the shelf or custom made, the need for administration and support is always present. Datalogix provides the level of administration and support to keep our customers business processes running smoothly. As changes come along, our support staff addresses them in a timely manner. Our trained staff has expertise in the development of applications so that when called to implement application modification, they can be readily implemented to meet the ever changing business environment. Not only do we support applications, but also the systems they reside on. System administration and proactive monitoring are a part of the overall Managed Services offering.